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Regular meetings: first Tuesday of each month, 7PM Milk River city council chambers, or sometimes in Coutts or Warner. See "contact us" and phone for confirming info. Attendence, input, and help from the public is welcomed and encouraged.


March 2015
George Henline submits his resignation to the committee effective the next AGM, which is tentatively scheduled for 3 March 2015 at the Milk River town hall. We are all grateful for his steadfast leadership as Chairman these past four years. See George's letter here.

March 2012
The medical record keeping system is a significant cost for small rural clinics like ours. Not only is there a large initial investment, but there is a significant yearly licensing cost. Any budding programmers out there interested in helping medical services in our community, and rural Alberta in general? Join the award winning team at OpenSource Medical Records System A module to connect this system with Alberta Health Care billing is all that is really needed.

14 February 2013
A Valentine from CBC for our doctors search:
Milk River highlighted in "Doctor shortage plagues rural Alberta" article and video at CBC.

January 2013
An interesting development from the Government of Canada:
Doctors and Nurses can now get student loan forgiveness

8 January 2013
-- A resolution during the board meeting empowers the chairman the ability to negotiate significant funds for relocation expanses / signing bonus for any new doctor who will contract to set up practice here in Milk River. (Most likely by joining the current Milk River Clinic). In the event, then committee funds may be come largely depleted, and fund raising will become a high priority.

3 November 2012
-- RPAP 2012 Conference attended by Lana Proctor A brief report.

6 March 2012, Tuesday
-- 2012 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Join us for a report of the last years activities and election for committe members "at large".


24 January 2012
-- Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Help needed! To welcome potential doctors when they visit.

1 September 2011
-- Flyer created: NEEDED (big pdf file 1.4 megs) View or feel free to print your own. Double sided.

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